By (author): Thomas R. Turlington

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 397
ISBN: 9781580530149

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Written by a well-known authority in the field, this new book is the first to explain behavioral modeling of nonlinear RF and microwave devices, and presents a powerful curve fitting technique you can use to accurately describe the behavior and range of microwave components as a function of multiple independent variables. This thorough and detailed examination of behavioral modeling is comprehensible and features easily-understood mathematical formulas. Using the author's behavioral modeling methodology, you can generate equations that provide accurate and acceptable reproductions of nonlinear RF and microwave device performance under various conditions. Specifically, you can..Obtain more accurate representations of saturation and cut-off behavior; Develop more accurate transistor models to generate improved harmonic power output data as a function of power input and bias levels ranging from small signal to heavy compression; Gain a unified approach to amplifier and transistor characterization; Create unique trade spaces for optimization of sub-system design. You see how behavioral modeling is developed for bipolar and MESFET devices used in amplifiers and learn techniques for effectively modeling measured and simulated frequency responses.
Table Of Contents
Common Curve Fitting Techniques. A New Approach to Curve Fitting. Modeling Transistor Devices. Modeling the Non Linear Class A Amplifier. Class AB Amplifiers. Adding Frequency as a Behavioral Model Variable. Adding Temperature as a Variable. Accounting for Parameter Variability. Obtaining Optimum Performance from Cascaded Amplifier Stages. The Sum of All Models. Odds and Ends. Appendices. Index.;


  • Thomas R. Turlington Thomas R. Turlington is a lecturer and author, and a consultant with Besser Associates. For 42 years, he held various engineering positions with Westinghouse Electric Corporation's Defense Electronics Center and Northrop Grumman Corporation. He received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, was a recent recipient of the George Westinghouse Signature Award, and is a member of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.