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By (author): Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Copyright: 1994
Pages: 379
ISBN: 9780890066713

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With outstanding tutorials and crystal-clear explanations, this book provides complete coverage of the field - guiding you from basic physics to modern design applications for optical communications and photonic switching.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Basic Concept and Nonlinear Effects of Semiconductor Lasers. Absorptive Bistable Laser Diodes. Dispersive Bistable Laser Diodes. Two-Mode Bistability Via Gain Saturation. Waveguiding Bistability and Pulse Position Bistability. Self-Pulsation and Ultra-Short Optical Pulse Generation. Wavelength Conversion. Wavelength Selection and Wavelength Selective Photodetection. Applications for Photonic Switching. Future Prospects.


  • Hitoshi Kawaguchi