Copyright: 2002
Pages: 454
ISBN: 9781580533270

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Here's a complete guide to building reliable component-based software systems. Written by world-renowned experts in the component-based software engineering field, this unique resource helps you manage complex software through the development, evaluation and integration of software components. You quickly develop a keen awareness of the benefits and risks to be considered when developing reliable systems using components. A strong software engineering perspective helps you gain a better understanding of software component design, to build systems with stronger requirements, and avoid typical errors throughout the process, leading to improved quality and time to market. From component definition, standards, objects and frameworks, to organizational development and support of the component-based life cycle, the book describes aspects of systems development using components and component development. It focuses on dependable and real-time systems, employing case studies from the process automation industry, software production, electronic consumer equipment and office software development.
Table Of Contents
Preface.Introduction. Part 1: The Definition and Specification of Components - Basic Concepts in Component-Based Software Engineering. Specification of Software Components.; Part 2: Software Architecture and Components - Architecting Component-Based Systems. Components Models and Technology.; Part 3: Developing Software Components - Component-Based Development Process. Semantic Integrity in Component-Based Development. Role-Based Component Engineering.; Part 4: Using Software Components - Dispelling the Myth of Component Evaluation. Component Composition and Integration. Predicting System Trustworthiness from Software Component.; Part 5: Software Product Lines - Components in Product Line Architectures. The Koala Component Model.; Part 6: Real-Time Software Components - Components in Real-Time Systems. Testing Reusable Software Components in Safety- Critical. Providing Real-Time Services for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Components.; Part 7: Case Studies: Component-Based Development in Industrial Applications - Component-Based Embedded Systems. Architectural Support for Reuse: A Case Study in Industrial Automation. A Framework for Integrating Business Applications. Industrial Experience with Dassault System Component Model.;


  • Ivica Crnkovic Ivica Crnkovic is a professor of software engineering at Malardalen University, Sweden. A frequent contributor to the literature on component development and co-author of Building Reliable Component-Based Software Systems (Artech House, 2002), he has been co-organizer of IEEE conferences and workshops on software engineering and a program committee member of software configuration management symposia and workshops. He received his M.Sc. in electrical engineering and in theoretical physics and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Magnus Larsson Magnus Larsson is senior software engineer at ABB Automation Technology Products AB, Research and Development, Sweden. He received his B.Sc. in computer engineering from the University of Malardalen, and M.Sc. and Licentiate in computer science from the University of Uppsala, Sweden.