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By (author)s: Gilbert Boisde, Alan Harmer

Copyright: 1996
Pages: 389
ISBN: 9780890067376

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Recent developments in fiber optic and waveguide sensing are sparking great interest in applications for the technology in chemical and biochemical analysis. Based on a review of more than 2500 recent research papers on the subject, this comprehensive book updates you on the latest innovations in this field, and describes new applications in medicine, biotechnology, immunosensors, process control, environmental science, and related areas. With numerous examples, clear definitions, over 200 illustrations, and 265 equations, the book helps even non-specialists understand the how and why behind optical chemical sensing, and provides experienced chemical and biochemical engineers with a single resource summarizing the latest applications of the technology. Includes more than 1000 references for further study.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Chemical Reactions. Kinetics and Shape Recognition. Indicators, Receptors, and Labels. Supports and Immobilization Techniques. Essential Theory of Optics. Optical Fibers and Planar Waveguides. Optical Measurement Techniques. Light Sources, Photodetectors, and Optical Components Light Sources. Optodes and Sensing Cells. Biochemical Sensors and Biosensors. Environmental Monitoring, Process Control, Gas Measurements, and Sensor Networks. Glossary.


  • Gilbert Boisde
  • Alan Harmer