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By (author): Shiro Ryu

Copyright: 1994
Pages: 283
ISBN: 9780890066126

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This book covers the history and implementation of coherent lightwave communication systems. Packed with information on narrow linewidth lasers, it also provides you with detailed discussion on circuit design techniques for receivers, methods of overcoming polarization fluctuation, multi-gigabit systems, and the construction of long-distance optical links.
Table Of Contents
Modulation/Demodulation Techniques. Receiver Sensitivity Characteristics in Coherent Detection. Lasers for Coherent Systems. Solutions for Receiver Sensitivity Degradation Due to Polarization Fluctuation in Optical Fibers. Coherent Systems Using Optical Amplifiers. High-Speed Coherent Systems. Multichannel Coherent Systems. Long-Distance Coherent Systems. Recent Experimental Results of Coherent Field Trials. Application of Coherent Technology in Future Lightwave Communications. Measurement Methods Using Coherent Technology. Concluding Remarks.


  • Shiro Ryu