By (author): Angelo R. Bobak

Copyright: 1997
Pages: 504
ISBN: 9780890068779

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Written for database novices and pros alike, this new book helps you strengthen your command of the underlying theory and practical techniques associated with data modeling and design - and shows you how to better apply these concepts to today's newest database architectures. In clear, easy-to-understand language, the book first outlines fundamental database concepts such as logical and physical modeling, normalization, and denormalization, then relates these ideas to advanced platforms including distributed homogeneous database, multi-database, and federated database architectures. You quickly gain a solid grasp of multi-dimensional analysis techniques for on-line analytical processing (OLAP) and object oriented database architectures, and learn how basic modeling and design techniques are used every day in real-world products. The book also reviews the ANSI/SPARC database model, explains how to gather the information necessary to build business and process models, describes SQL fundamentals and how to write database applications, and more.
Table Of Contents
Overview and Road Map. The ANSI/SPARC Database Architecture and Derivations. The Business Model. The Process Model. Normalization Through Data Patterns. The Logical Model. The Data Dictionary. Structured Query Language Fundamentals. The Physical Model. Distributed, Multidatabase, and Federated Models. Multidimensional Models. Object and Hybrid Relational Models. CASE Tools. A Generic Repository Model. A Repository Maintenance Application Mockup.


  • Angelo R. Bobak