By (author): Richard C. Johnson

Copyright: 1991
Pages: 205
ISBN: 9780890065211

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This quick source of practical design data supplies fingertip access to distilled information you need to solve common design problems. In it you will find: a presentation of basic concepts; definitions; rules of thumb and far-field characteristics for some theoretical aperture distributions; impedance and matching techniques; techniques for extracting information from voltage standing wave ratios and radiation patterns, and much more. Supported by 18 tables, 130 line drawings and 199 key equations.
Table Of Contents
Preface.Introduction, Concepts and Definitions. References. Lists of Symbols. Basic Design Techniques. Transmission-line Characteristics. Horns. Reflectors. Radomes and Lenses. Waveguide Components. Impedance and Matching. Antenna Measurements. Pattern TALK├╣. Appendices. References. List of Symbols. Index.


  • Richard C. Johnson