By (author): Nathan J. Muller

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 584
ISBN: 9780890067291

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Both the Internet and corporate intranets have become so popular and complex that virtually every industry professional has a need to know more. In fact, the consequences of not understanding innovations in the Internet field - such as poor performance, slow response time, and missed deadlines - have become far too compelling to ignore. This first-of-a-kind book is an authoritative encyclopedia devoted to demystifying this fast-paced online phenomenon. This comprehensive reference goes well beyond other sources that simply define terms. Using plain language, it clearly explains technical terms in context, provides insight into the operation and applications of various Internet technologies, and details the appropriate standards. The book's A-to-Z format features over 200 alphabetically arranged topics, short, yet comprehensive articles, helpful cross-references, and clear illustrations to give you an easy way to fill knowledge gaps. As you quickly navigate from subject to subject, you gain a thorough understanding of the Internet, including how to: Support marketing, customer service, technical documentation, database management, and legacy data functions via the Internet; Develop and manage corporate intranets, web sites, FTP sites, electronic commerce applications, news groups, e-mail systems, and firewalls; Use the Internet for communications including telephony, faxing, paging, videoconferencing, collaborative computing and to support network design and management tasks, help-desk operations, and systems administration. This unique encyclopedia is a practical office reference for a broad audience of experienced and entry-level professionals, technical and non-technical alike. These include IS and telecommunications managers and staff, corporate managers, and administrators. It is also a handy desktop reference for university students and home computer users.


  • Nathan J. Muller Nathan J. Muller is a managing partner and consultant at the Ascent Solutions Group, LLC in Sterling, VA. He is also the author of IP Convergence: The Next Revolution in Telecommunications, Desktop Encyclopedia of the Internet, Wireless Data Networking, and Intelligent Hubs (Artech House, 2000, 1999, 1995, 1994).