By (author): George Dillard

Copyright: 1989
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780890062999

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This comprehensive volume gives designers of radar, communication, and navigation systems the know-how to determine the detection methods most effective against specific signals and select signal parameters that reduce the probability of detection. Detailed instructions and fully explained equations also help you to calculate false-alarm rates and avoid common mistakes in analyzing detection system performance. Clearly written and abundantly ilustrated with 19 tables, 82 figures, and over 100 equations, Detectability of Spread-Spectrum Signals gives you exact formulas for determining system detection probabilities. The text demonstrates the relationship between signal parameters and covertness with tutorial sections and mathematical reviews.
Table Of Contents
Preface.Introduction. Detection Techniques. Calculation of Detection System Performance. Effect of Signal Structure on Detectability. Appendix A: Likelihood-Ratio Detection. Glossary. Index.


  • George Dillard