By (author): Phillip E. Pace

Copyright: 2022
Pages: 920
ISBN: 9781630816971
Coming Soon: Available 05/31/2022

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This book provides a comprehensive resource and thorough treatment in the latest development of Digital RF Memory (DRFM) technology and their key role in maintaining dominance over the electromagnetic spectrum. Part I discusses the use of advanced technology to design transceivers for spectrum sensing using unmanned systems to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. Part II uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable modern spectrum sensing and detection signal processing for electronic support and electronic attack. Another key contribution is examination of counter-DRFM techniques. DRFM and transceiver design details and examples are provided along with the MATLAB software allowing the reader to construct their own embedded DRFM transceivers for unmanned systems. It examines the design trade-offs in developing multiple, structured, false target synthesis DRFM architectures and aids in developing counter-DRFM techniques and distinguish false target from real ones. Written by an expert in the field, and including MATLABâ„¢ design software, this is the only comprehensive book written on the subject of DRFM.
Table Of Contents
Electromagnetic Spectrum Dominance; Digital RF Memory Receiver Architectures; Designing DRFM AESA Antennas; Choosing the Correct Wideband Spectrum Sensing Receiver; Transceiver Design and Practical Considerations; High Performance Transceiver Component Technologies; Microwave-Photonic Transceiver Technologies; Modern Spectral Sensing and Signal Detection Methods; Artificial Intelligence, Machine, and Deep Learning for Spectral Sensing; Electronic Attack Using Deep Learning; Counter-DRFM Methods


  • Phillip E. Pace

    is a distinguished professor (emeritus) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and has taught as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Tx. He recently stepped down as a senior scientist at L3Harris Technologies, Plano Tx after over 2 years. He is also the author of Advanced Techniques for Digital Receivers (Artech House, 2000), and Detecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar (Artech House, 2004) and the 2nd Edition (Artech House, 2009). He has published numerous papers and patents on high-speed signal processing, photonics receiver design and electromagnetic warfare applications. Dr. Pace served as a Technical Editor, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (2014 – 2020) is a Life Member of the AOC and a Fellow of the IEEE.