By (author): Aldo Petosa

Copyright: 2007
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781596932067

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In recent years, the dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) has emerged as a new and viable alternative to conventional low-gain elements such as dipoles, monopoles, and microstrip patches. This practical resource presents complete, up-to-date details on DRAs in a single volume. The book provides you with clear guidance on the mode of operation and radiation behavior of DRAs, the main methods of excitation, and the major advances in DRA technology. This hands-on reference equips you with simple equations and graphs that help you rapidly design DRAs of spherical, cylindrical, and rectangular shapes, without having to resort to complex analytical or numerical calculations. You find guidelines for designing feeds required to excite the DRAs, such as probes, apertures, and microstrip lines. In addition, the book offers you various techniques for enhancing the bandwidth performance of DRAs for wideband applications. You learn how to design low profile DRAs and DRAs with circular polarization. Several approaches for designing linear and planar DRAs arrays are also considered. Moreover, this comprehensive book provides advice on the fabrication of DRAs and measurement methods used to characterize their performance. Numerous design examples are included to give you a sense of the versatility that DRAs afford.
Table Of Contents
Introduction to Dielectric Resonator Antennas - Brief History of Dielectric Resonator Antennas. Major Characteristics. Outline of the DRA Handbook.; Simple-Shaped Dielectric Resonator Antennas - The Hemispherical DRA. The Cylindrical DRA. The Rectangular DRA.; Coupling to DRAs - Coupling Coefficients. Fields within Rectangular and Cylindrical DRAs. Aperture Coupling. Probe Coupling. Microstrip Line Coupling. Co-Planar Coupling. Dielectric Image Guide Coupling. Survey of Analytical Methods.; Survey of DRA Shapes - DRAs Derived from: Hemispherical Shapes; from Cylindrical Shapes; or from Rectangular Shapes. DRAs with Other Shapes. Hybrid DRAs. ; Bandwidth Enhancement of DRAs - Bandwidth Performance of Simple-Shaped DRAs. Bandwidth Enhancement for Simple-Shaped DRAs. Multiple DRAs. Hybrid DRAs. Modified DRAs.; Low Profile and Compact DRAs - Fundamental Limitations of Antennas. DRAs with High Dielectric Constants. Low Profile Designs. Compact Designs. Finite Ground Plane Effects.; Circular-Polarized and Dual-Polarized DRAs - Review of Polarization. Dual-Point Feed. Single-Point Feed. Sequential Rotation. Dual-Polarized DRAs.; Ferrite Resonator Antennas - Review of the Permeability Tensor of Ferrites. Frequency Agility. Polarization Agility.; DRA Arrays - Review of Array Theory. Overview of Feed Network Design. Mutual Coupling. Linear Arrays of DRAs. Planar Arrays. Summary of DRA Arrays; Practical Considerations - Frequency Limitations. Dielectric Material. Fabrication. DRA Pattern Measurements. Measuring Radiation Efficiency of DRAs.; Bibliography. Index.;


  • Aldo Petosa Aldo Petosa is the project leader of antenna design and development in the Advanced Antenna Technology Lab at the Communications Research Centre Canada. He earned his Ph.D in electrical engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa.