By (author): Jolyon M. De Freitas

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 480
ISBN: 9781580537599

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Take advantage of the widest possible range of filtering techniques and still keep design time to a minimum with this book and CD-ROM toolkit. The practical knowledge presented in the book enables you to take control of your projects, using the filter coefficients included on the CD-ROM. You get 260 digital filters that are ready to use and have been fully characterized in terms of their frequency response, step response, impulse response, and pass band characteristics. Performance parameters such as step response rise time, overshoot, settling time, dc accuracy, and those related to noise propagation through the filter have been tabulated to allow you full control of your filtering application. This unique resource allows you to quickly compare the performance of several candidate filters and to select the right ones for a wide range of applications. You find in-depth coverage of the most popular filter types, including low pass, high pass, band pass, differentiators, and Hilbert transformers. Furthermore, this resource takes a fresh look at differentiators and Hilbert transformers, offering you practical tips on implementation, influence of noise, the conversion of low pass filters into differentiators, error propagation, precision phase measurement, and full characterization of two phase/frequency demodulation schemes over a range of conditions. This invaluable toolkit also contains basic algorithms such as time and frequency domain implementations, interpolation, decimation, and phase/frequency demodulation, so you can quickly and easily program in the filters.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Filter Design and Implementation- Impulse Response. Window Function. Truncation and Windowing. Design Rules. Filter Implementation. The Low Pass Filter as a Building Block. Cascaded Filters. Decimation. Interpolation. Noise Consideration. Low Pass Filters - General Characteristics. Filter Coefficient Quantization. Aspects of Filter Format and Layout. Conversion to High Pass Filters. High Pass Filters, Band Pass Filters, and Differentiators - Filter Classification. First Order Differentiating Filters. Second Order Differentiating Filters. Noise Consideration. Conversion of Unity Gain Filters into Differentiators. Hilbert Transformers - Hilbert transform Realization. Phase-Frequency Demodulation Scheme 1. DC Phase Errors. Influence of Carrier Frequency Mismatch and its Compensation. AC Phase Demodulation. Phase-Frequency Demodulation Scheme 2. Introducing an Arbitrary Phase Shift into a Signal. Instantaneous Frequency. Noise Consideration. Filter Quantization. An Overview. Index.


  • Jolyon M. De Freitas Joylon M. DeFreitas is a senior scientist at QinetiQ, Winfrith, UK. He earned his M.S. in medical physics and his Ph.D. in optical metrology from Aberdeen University.