By (author): James B.Y. Tsui

Copyright: 1989
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9780890063392

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Connecting two advancing technologies, this text is the first to describe the theory and applications of advances in digital signal processing to electronic warfare receivers. Discussion of the technological advances in analog-to-digital converters and digital signal processing provides the impetus for digital development of microwave receivers. The book also details all spectrum estimations related to electronic warfare receivers and includes an in-depth study of frequency estimation algorithms. Discussions are supplemented with conventional mathematical expressions, and a review of basic mathematical operations and statistical concepts is included. This is the book that will help you take current analog-based EW receivers into the next generation.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Basic Digital Receiver Concept. Non-Parametric Frequency Estimation. Autoregressive Methods. Harmonic Decomposition. Analog Autocorrelations. Angle of Arrival Meausurements. Approaches to Signal Sorting and Identification. Typical Signal Conditions for Evaluation of Microwave Receivers. Appendix A: Review of Mathematics. Index.


  • James B.Y. Tsui James B.Y. Tsui is a consultant working for ITT and MacAulay-Brown. He is a retired electronics engineer from the Sensory Directory, Air Force Research Laboratory. He is also the author of the first edition of Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers, Second Edition (Artech House 2001) and Digital Microwave Receivers: Theory and Concepts (Artech House 1989). Dr. Tsui holds a Ph.D. in electronic engineering from the University of Illinois.