By (author): Randall W. Rhea

Copyright: 2010
Pages: 464
ISBN: 9781608070473

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Oscillators are an essential part of all spread spectrum, RF, and wireless systems, and today 's engineers in the field need to have a firm grasp on how they are designed. Presenting an easy-to-understand, unified view of the subject, this authoritative resource covers the practical design of high-frequency oscillators with lumped, distributed, dielectric and piezoelectric resonators. Including numerous examples, the book details important linear, nonlinear harmonic balance, transient and noise analysis techniques. Moreover, the book shows you how to apply these techniques to a wide range of oscillators. You gain the knowledge needed to create unique designs that elegantly match your specification needs. Over 360 illustrations and more than 330 equations support key topics throughout the book.
Table Of Contents
Preface ; Linear Techniques - Open-Loop Method. Starting Conditions. Random Resonator and Amplifier Combination. Naming Conventions. Amplifiers for Sustaining Stages. Resonators. One-Port Method. Analyzing Existing Oscillators. Optimizing the Design. Statistical Analysis. Summary. ; Nonlinear Techniques -Introduction. Harmonic Balance Overview. Nonlinear Amplifiers. Nonlinear Open-Loop Cascade. Nonlinear HB Colpitts Example. Nonlinear Negative-Resistance Oscillator. Output Coupling. Passive Level Control. Supply Pushing. Spurious Modes. Ultimate Test. ; Transient Techniques -Introduction. Starting Modes. Starting Basic Example. Simulation Techniques. Second Starting Example. Starting Case Study. Triggering. Simulation Techniques for High Loaded Q. Steady-State Oscillator Waveforms. Waveform Derived Output Spectrum. ; Noise - Definitions. Predicting Phase Noise. Measuring Phase Noise. Designing for Low Phase Noise. Nonlinear Noise Simulation. PLL Noise.; General-Purpose Oscillators - Comments on the Examples. Oscillators Without Resonators. L-C Oscillators. Oscillator Topology Selection. ; Distributed Oscillators - Resonator Technologies. Lumped and Distributed Equivalents. Quarter-Wavelength Resonators. Distributed Oscillator Examples. DRO Oscillators. ; Tuned Oscillators - Resonator Tuning Bandwidth. Resonator Voltage. Permeability Tuning. Tunable Oscillator Examples. YIG Oscillators. ; Piezoelectric Oscillators - Bulk Quartz Resonators. Fundamental Mode Crystal Oscillators. Overtone Mode Crystal Oscillators. Crystal Oscillator Examples Summary. Oscillator with Frequency Multiplier. Crystal Oscillator Starting. Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators. SAW Oscillators. Piezoelectric Ceramic Resonators. MEMS and FBAR Resonators. ; Appendices. Constants and Symbols. About the Author. Index;


  • Randall W. Rhea Randall W. Rhea is a leading RF and microwave engineering expert with extensive industry experience, working for Boeing Company, Goodyear Aerospace, and Scientific-Atlanta. He is the author of popular books in the field, as well as numerous technical papers and tutorial CDs. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Arizona State.