Copyright: 2015
Pages: 372
ISBN: 9781608078325

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This new resource presents readers with all relevant information and comprehensive design methodology of wideband amplifiers. This book specifically focuses on distributed amplifiers and their main components, and presents numerous RF and microwave applications including well-known historical and recent architectures, theoretical approaches, circuit simulation, and practical implementation techniques. A great resource for practicing designers and engineers, this book contains numerous well-known and novel practical circuits, architectures, and theoretical approaches with detailed description of their operational principles.
Table Of Contents
Two-Port Network Parameters; Power Amplifier Design Fundamentals; Overview of Broadband Power Amplifiers; Concept of Distributed Amplification; Efficiency Analysis in Distributed Amplifier; Stability Analysis in Distributed Amplifier; Design Implementation of Distributed Amplifiers; Distributed Power Amplifiers.


  • Andrei Grebennikov Andrei Grebennikov is a fellow engineer at RFaxis, where his responsibilities include the design and development of the advanced multiband multimode high-efficiency MMIC CMOS power amplifiers for handset cellular applications. He earned his Ph.D. in radio engineering and TV systems and devices from Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Russia.
  • Narendra Kumar Narendra Kumar works on R&D at Motorola Solutions, where he is a transceiver technical architect for high tier 2-way radio development. He earned his doctorate in electrical engineering from RWTH Technical University Aachen in Germany.