By (author): Angelo R. Bobak

Copyright: 1995
Pages: 476
ISBN: 9780890066140

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No matter what your database experience is, Distributed and Multi-Database Systems provides the foundation and understanding necessary for proper design of databases for today's distributed and multi-database architectures. Introductory chapters help novices understand essential topics such as SQL, relational databases, transaction processing, and deadlock detection. Subsequent sections dealing with homogeneous, distributed databases, heterogenous multi-databases, and federated databases apply information discussed in earlier chapters enasbling readers to understand the complexities of distributed database design. Packed with over 200 illustrations, 50 equations, and two full chapters of examples, the book also includes discussions on objefct-oriented databases, which form an integral part of any database.
Table Of Contents
How to Use This Book - A Road Map. Relational Algebra, Calculus, and Fundamental Database Concepts. Database Models. Communications Networks. SQL Basics. Concurrency and Recovery.Introduction to Distributed and Multi-Database Systems.Introduction to Distributed Database Systems. Homogeneous Distributed Database Design. Distributed Query Processing. Transaction Processing, Concurrency, and Deadlocks in Distributed Architectures. Distributed and Local Recovery Strategies.Introduction to Multi-Database Architectures. Multi-Database Design Issues.


  • Angelo R. Bobak