By (author): Noyan Kinayman

Copyright: 2000
Pages: 108
ISBN: 9781580531849

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Increase first-pass design success with this practical new software that performs highly accurate full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation of planarly layered structures at a much lower cost than other EM simulators. EMPLAN allows you to extract N-Port circuit S- or Z-parameters and simulate microstrip and stripline circuits, as well as most printed circuits common to microwave engineering, including filters, patch antennas, and matching networks. EMPLAN is a cost-efficient tool for design engineers who can use it to simulate radiating structures, with no practical limitation on the number of layers. It's equally valuable for researchers who can use it for simulating Green's functions of the layered media. Further adding to this simulator 's usefulness, a translator permits conversion of SONNET geometry files to EMPLAN files. System Requirements: Windows NT 4.0, Pentium II, 64MB RAM, VGA monitor, 10MB free disk space.


  • Noyan Kinayman Noyan Kinayman is a principal electrical engineer in research and development department at M/A-COM. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey and his M.Sc. in electrical engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Kinayman is also the co-creator of EMPLAN: Electromagnetic Analysis of Printed Structures in Planarly Layered Media, Software and User's Manual (Artech House, 2000). Dr. Kinayman is a member of IEEE.