By (author): Wolfgang Hilberg

Copyright: 1981
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9780890060810

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This book is an engineer's dream: a concise approach to computing quickly and precisely the characteristic impendances of transmission lines of any configuration. Dr. Hilberg shows how the characteristic impedance formulas contained in the known tables, as well as the reflections and utilization of properties of complementary lines, can be systematically obtained from the formula of a single line. The emphasis is on speed and convenience, without sacrificing accuracy. Unique to this book is a tabular index of precise line drawings which incorporate the three different scales of wave resistance, inductance, and capacitance while the relevant mathematics are presented alongside. A gem of a book, this one is certain to become a classic reference for every serious design engineer.
Table Of Contents
Statement of the Problem and Preliminary Considerations. The Stereographic Protection. Complementary and Reflected Transmission Lines. Auxiliary Equation. Characteristic Impedances Expressed by Elementary Function (Solid Conductors). Characteristic Impedances Expressed by Elementary, Arbitrarily Precise, Selectable Approximation Equations for Non-Elementary Functions (Striplines). Extension to Other Projection Groups (Special Strips, Severl Thin Round Conductors, Parallel Strips). Supplements. Tables of Characteristic Impedances.


  • Wolfgang Hilberg