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By (author): Philippe Robert

Copyright: 1988
Pages: 458
ISBN: 9780890062623

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Learn to choose and optimize the use of materials in your electrical engineers designs and applications with Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials. This practical handbook helps you determine, in quantitative terms, the applications and limitations of even the most recently developed materials. Robert looks beyond the simple letter representation of a material in an equation, to show you the mechanisms that take place inside matter. You'll have all of the relevant laws of physics, 360 illustrative figures, and over 700 equations at your fingertips for ready calculation of material properties. Problem and solution sets also accompany each topic.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. The Constitution of Matter. Electrical Conductivity. Magnetic Properties. Dielectric Properties. Thermodynamic Transformations. Mechanical Properties. Appendices: The Laguerre Polynomials. Maxwell's Distribution. Boltzmann's Distribution. The Fermi-Dirac Distribution. Reciprocal Lattice and Brillouin Zones. Magnetic Moments of Electrons and Atoms. Fundamental Physical Constants. Mathematical Relationship. Dimensions and Units. Solutions to the Problems. Bibliography. Index.


  • Philippe Robert