By (author): Robert Anholt

Copyright: 1994
Pages: 310
ISBN: 9780890067499

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Encompassing three important technologies, this book explains why III-V transistor device electrical characteristics change with temperature, and develops models of the temperature change for use in integrated circuit design programs. You'll find a wealth of experimental S-equivalent-circuit parameter data on a wide variety of devices that has never before been presented, as well as learn how to measure S-parameters and fit equivalent circuits. Includes 200 equations and 181 illustrations.
Table Of Contents
Physical Modeling of III-V Semiconductor Devices. How to Measure Temperature-dependent Equivalent Circuits. Self-heating in Transistors. GaAs MESFET Equivalent Circuits (Room Temperature). Temperature-dependent MESFET Equivalent Circuits. HEMT Equivalent Circuits (Room Temperature). Temperature-dependent HEMT Equivalent Circuits. Gate Currents in MESFETs and HEMTs. Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors. Circuit Modeling.


  • Robert Anholt