By (author): Peter Russer

Copyright: 2006
Pages: 668
ISBN: 9781580539074

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If you're looking for a clear, comprehensive and current overview of electromagnetics principles and applications to antenna and microwave circuit design for communications, this newly revised second edition is a smart choice. Among the numerous updates, the second edition features a brand new chapter on filters, an expanded treatment of antennas, and new sections of cylindrical waves and waves in layered media, multiconductor transmission lines, radio waveguides, and aperture coupling. What's more, you now find problem sets that help reinforce the understanding of key concepts in each chapter, making the book an excellent text for related graduate-level courses. For your convenience, the second edition presents examples in both exterior differential form calculus and conventional vector notation. Including concise explanations of all required mathematical concepts needed to fully comprehend the material, the book is your complete resource for mastering electromagnetics in current, emerging and future broadband communication systems, as well as high-speed analogue and digital electronic circuits and systems. From electromagnetic wave propagation, electromagnetic interference, and transmission lines and waveguides, to linear multiports, microwave circuits and antennas, you get expert guidance in a wide range of key areas to help you solve design problems in communications engineering. Supported with over 300 illustrations and more than 900 equations, there is no other book currently available that explains electromagnetics in such an easy-to-understand manner.
Table Of Contents
Introduction.; Basic Electromagnetics - The Electromagnetic Field Concept. Field Intensities. Current and Flux Densities. The Charge Density. The Maxwell Puzzle. The Integral Form of Maxwell 's Equations. The Electromagnetic Wave. The Kirchhoff Laws. Maxwell 's Equations in Local Form. Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields. Curvilinear Coordinates. Boundary Conditions. ; Potentials and Waves - The Electromagnetic Potentials. The Helmholtz Equation. TM and TE Waves. Reflection and Diffraction of Plane Waves. Waves in Layered Media. Cylindrical Waves. Spherical Waves. ; Concepts, Methods and Theorems - Energy and Power. Field Theoretic Formulation of Tellegen 's Theorem. Sources of the Electromagnetic Field. The Uniqueness Theorem. The Equivalence Principle. Reciprocity. ; Static and Quasistatic Fields - Conditions for Static and Quasistatic Fields. Static and Quasistatic Electric Fields. Static and Quasistatic Magnetic Fields. ; Waves at the Surface of Conducting Media - Transverse Magnetic Surface Waves. Surface Currents. Surface Current Losses. Induced Surface Currents. ; Transmission Lines - The Principles of Transmission Lines. Phase and Group Velocity. The Field Components. Waveguides for Transverse Electromagnetic Waves. Multiconductor Transmission Lines. Rectangular Waveguides. Circular Cylindric Waveguides. Radical Waveguides. Dielectric Waveguides and Optical Fibers. Planar Transmission Lines.; The Transmission Line Equations - The Transmission Line Concept. Generalized Voltages and Currents. Solution of the Transmission Line Equations. Wave Amplitudes. Reflection Coefficient and Smith Chart. ; Resonant Circuits and Resonators - The Linear Passive One-Port. The Reactance Theorem. Resonant Circuits. The Transmission Line Resonator. Cavity Resonators. Coupling of Resonant Circuits and Resonators.; Microwave Circuits - Linear Multiports. Source Free Linear Multiports. The Chain Matrix. The Scattering Matrix. Signal Flow Graphs. The Transition Matrix. Tellegen 's Theorum. The Power Properties. Reciprocal Multiports. Foster Representation of Reactance Multiports. Cauer Representation of Radiating Structures. Two-Port Circuits. The Symmetry Properties of Waveguide Junctions. ; Filters - The Image method for Filter Design. Lumped Element Filters. Stepped Impedance Filters. Coupled Resonator Filters. Coupled Line Filters.; Radiation from Dipoles - The Green 's Function The Hertzian Dipole. Aperiodic Spherical Waves. Electric Dipole Over Lossy Half-Space. The Saddle Point Method. Lateral Waves. Radiation in Layered Media.; Antennas -Introduction. Linear Antennas. The Loop Antenna. Receiving Antennas. Gain and Effective Antenna Aperture. Antenna


  • Peter Russer Peter Russer is a professor and Head of the Institute for High Frequency Engineering at Technische Universitat Munchen in Germany. He received his Dipl.-Ing. and Dr. techn. degrees in electrical engineering from the Vienna University of Technology. Professor Russer is also the author of Electromagnetics, Microwave Circuit, and Antenna Design for Communications Engineering, Second Editon (Artech House, 2006).