By (author): Michael Ellis

Copyright: 1994
Pages: 266
ISBN: 9780890066164

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Electronic Filter Analysis and Synthesis helps you save time and effort in writing CAD and analysis programs for electronic filters, and provides explicit details on how to synthesize lowpass, bandpass, bandstop, and highpass realizations for passive, active, digital and switched capacitors.
Table Of Contents
Basic Network Theory. The Lowpass Butterworth Filter. The Lowpass Tchebyscheff Filter. The Lowpass Inverse Tchebyscheff Filter. The Lowpass Elliptic Filter. Bandpass Transformations. Synthesis of Unequally Terminated Passive Filters. Active Filters. Infinite Impulse Response Digital Filters. Finite Impulse Response Window Filter Design. Equiripple Approximation of FIR Filters. Switched Capacitor (SC) Filters.


  • Michael Ellis