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By (author): R. B. Dyott

Copyright: 1995
Pages: 250
ISBN: 9780890064771

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This is a guide to the design and application of elliptical dielectric waveguides and fibers. Written by one of the pioneers of optical fiber technology, it shows the theoretical basis of the technology, demonstrates the practical uses for elliptical fibers, guides the reader through design criteria and trade-offs, and gives immediate access to collected data and references on the topic. "Elliptical Fiber Waveguides" begins with an historical overview, and then provides detailed coverage of specific waveguide and fiber modes, including all relevant specifications and data currently available. The book examines the use of elliptical fibers for a wide variety of recent applications, including sensors, rare-earth-doped fiber sources, and amplifiers. With its 278 equations, 161 figures, and nearly 200 references to the literature, "Elliptical Fiber Waveguides" brings together in one source the complete body of information currently available on this promising technology.
Table Of Contents
The Dielectric Slab Waveguide. Circular Dielectric Waveguide. Elliptical Dielectric Waveguides. Higher Order Modes in Elliptical Dielectric Waveguides. Elliptically Cored Fiber Construction and Measurements. The D Fiber. Applications of Elliptical Core Fiber. Appendices.


  • R. B. Dyott