By (author): Louis Taborda

Copyright: 2011
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781608071685

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An indispensable resource for business leaders, IT professionals and project managers working to effect positive change in their organizations, this innovative book presents a new paradigm for the management of evolving business and IT architectures. Enterprise release management takes a holistic view of change that offers a synthesis of traditional management approaches, including project and change management, enterprise architecture, and development practices like configuration and release management. Unlike many books that simply focus on portfolio planning, this practical reference establishes an end to end release framework which ensures initiatives are planned and prioritized to streamline portfolio execution and delivery. Benefits of the release-centric approach advocated include reduced execution and operational risk, improved demand management and optimized release throughput. This unique book offers a fresh enterprise perspective that addresses strategic change and the release life cycle, providing executives and managers with the tools they need to chart and track the course of their business.
Table Of Contents
Preface ; Introduction ; The Evolving Enterprise - Enterprise 2.0. Unifying Release Management. The Enterprise Perspective. ; Embracing Change and Complexity - Wrestling with Change and Complexity. Managing Change and Complexity. ; The Enterprise Pattern - Managing Enterprise Dynamics. Enterprise Release Planning. ; The Project Paradigm - The Project Construct. Projects in the Enterprise. ; Release-Centric Planning and Design - Enterprise Change Governance. Planning the Portfolio Release. ; Delivering the Enterprise Release - Strategy and the Alignment Trap. Assessing Delivery Patterns. ; The Enterprise Release Paradigm - Generalizing the Release. ; The Enterprise Release Life Cycle - Delivery Life Cycles: Past and Present. The Enterprise Life Cycle. Strategic Enterprise Planning. ; Practicing Enterprise Release Management - ERM as a Unifying Approach. Adopting ERM Practices. ; About the Author. Index ;


  • Louis Taborda Louis Taborda is a founder and managing partner of the Alinement Network. He has consulted internationally working across the project life cycle, attempting to bridge the business and IT divide. He has over twenty five years of industry experience and holds several undergraduate qualifications along with a Ph.D. from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He can be followed on Twitter @alinement.