By (author): Zhancang Wang

Copyright: 2014
Pages: 362
ISBN: 9781608077854

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Envelope tracking technology is seen as the most promising efficiency enhancement technology for RF power amplifiers for 4G and beyond wireless communications. More and more organizations are investing and researching on this topic with huge potential in academic and commercial areas. This is the first book on the market to offer complete introduction, theory, and design considerations on envelope tracking for wireless communications. This resource presents you with a full introduction to the subject and covers underlying theory and practical design considerations.
Table Of Contents
Preface. Acknowledgments.; High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Architectures and Devices - Efficiency Definitions for RF PA. Characteristics of Modern Modulated Signals. Architectures for High-Efficiency PA. Device Technologies for High-Efficiency PA.; Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier Basics -Introduction. Principle of ET. Instantaneous Efficiency of PA. Statistical Average Efficiency of ET. Bandwidth of ET. Linearity of ET. Power Capacity for ET Scenarios. Frequency Agility.; Envelope Generation and Alignment - Envelope Generation. Envelope Detector Specifications. Timing Alignment. Offset Adjustment.; Supply Modulator for Envelope Tracking -Introduction. Linear Supply Modulator. Discrete Supply Modulator. Hybrid Supply Modulator. ; Power Amplifier for Envelope Tracking - RF PA Design Methodology. Matching Network Design. Bias Network Design. Waveform-Engineered Matching. Class-P PA Design for ET. Driver Design for ET Lineup.; Digital Front End Design for Envelope Tracking - Digital Front End. Crest Factor Reduction. Envelope Shaping Function. Timing Alignment. Digital Predistortion. Image and Carrier Suppression.; Experimental Methodologies and Measurements for Envelope Tracking - Motivation andIntroduction. Envelope Measurement. Supply Modulator Measurements. RF PA Measurements. ET PA Measurements.; References. About the Author. Index.;


  • Zhancang Wang Zhancang Wang is the owner of Amplifier Frontier Research (AFR) group, driving open discussions of cutting-edge amplifier technologies. He earned his master of electrical engineering degree from Beijing University of Technology, China.