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This single CD-Rom contains the conference proceedings for all FOUR conferences: The 34th European Microwave Conference (EuMC): The proceedings for this conference come in three volumes, with a total of 250 technical papers. The papers address the latest advances in theory, techniques and systems in RF, microwave, millimetre and sub-millimetre waves, including microwave optoelectronics/photonics as well as ultra-broadband and high-speed circuits and systems. Exciting new technologies including ultrawideband circuits, new materials with tuneable properties or negative refractive index, microwave-photonic processing and millimetre wave reconfigurable circuits are also covered. The 12th Gallium Arsenide Application Symposium (GAAS): The single volume, 648 page proceedings contains 136 papers. Manufacturing, characterisation and modelling of microwave active devices and MMIC's based on GaAs and other compound semiconductors are the topics presented. Special emphasis is given to applications, covering the field of telecommunications (RF, microwave and optical), automotive, sensors, MEMS, military and space, as well as emerging technologies such as wide-bandgap semiconductors. The 'hot topics' of GaN power electronics, high-frequency IC packaging, MEMS, and sub-millimetre wave applications are also covered. The European Conference on Wireless Technology (ECWT): The 376 page, single volume proceedings features 75 papers. A broad range of wireless communication subjects is covered, ranging from antennas and beam forming to broadband communications systems, from 3G and 4G systems to the advancement of integrated circuit technologies. Themes include an unconventional approach to mobile radio downlink design, base station related satellite communication and navigation. The European Radar Conference (EURAD): The 360 page, single volume proceedings contain 57 papers. The papers of this first EURAD conference cover microwave for military and civil radar, dealing with technologies up to systems and applications, and with the focus on applications of microwave technologies in radar.


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