By (author): George F. Craven

Copyright: 1987
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9780890061763

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The first book to consider waveguides below cutoff as a medium for microwave components is now available. Evanescent Mode Microwave Components shows engineers, scientists and students involved in the design, development or testing of microwave systems, the evanescent mode technique through examples derived from commercial satellites and military systems. You'll learn methods of testing components and subsystems. This book relates to your work in ferrite devices, antennas and filters. It details the use of Floquet's Theorem in the analysis of waveguides, and displays a direct derivation of the conditions for complete energy transfer. Take advantage of two decades of research and pick up on this innovative approach.
Table Of Contents
Basic Theory. Filters Practical Problems. Advanced Filters. Other Components. Ferrite Devices. Use of Radiating Elements Constructed in Cutoff Guide. Complete Subsystems. Tuning Techniques Appropriate to These Systems.


  • George F. Craven