By (author): Randall W. Rhea

Copyright: 2014
Pages: 342
ISBN: 9781608078028

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S/Filter includes tools beyond direct synthesis, including a wide variety of both exact and approximate equivalent network transforms, methods for selecting the most desirable out of potentially thousands of synthesized alternatives, and a transform history record that simplifies design attempts requiring iteration. Very few software programs are based on direct synthesis, and the additional features of S/Filter make it a uniquely effective tool for filter design. This resource presents a practical guide to using Genesys software for microwave and RF filter design and synthesis. The focus of the book is common filter design problems and how to use direct synthesis to solve those problems. This book covers the application of S/Filter features to solving important and common filter problems. Both lumped element and distributed filters are discussed, with extensions to dielectric and quartz crystal resonators.
Table Of Contents
Preface.; Transmission Zeros - Determining TZ by Inspection. Filter Degree. Canonical Realization. Influence of TZs on the Response.; All-Pole Lowpass and Highpass - Initial All-Pole Lowpass Parameters. Dual Topologies. Chebyshev Approximation with Even Order. All-Pole Highpass Example. ; Lowpass with Finite Zeros -Introduction. Alternative Topologies. ; Conventional Bandpass - Bandpass Transform. Classification Symmetry or Antimetry. A 75- to 125-MHz Bandpass. A 96- to 104-MHz Bandpass Filter. Comparative Analysis of the Wide and Narrow Filters. ; Extraction Sequences - The Extraction Tab ; Customized Bandpass Filters - Custom Filter Specification. Partial Extractions of FTZs. Inexact Extractions. Inexact Example. ; Norton Transforms - Norton Series Transform. Removing a Transformer with the Series Norton. Norton Shunt Transform. Equal-Valued Inductor Bandpass. The History Tab. Equate All Ls. ; Bandpass with Resonators - Coupled Parallel-Resonator Filters. Coupled Series-Resonator Filters. ; TEM-Mode Resonators - Filter Insertion Loss. Filter Using 50-Ohm Coaxial Resonators. Generalized Bandpass Using Ceramic Resonators. Ceramic Bandpass with Two FTZs. ; Piezoelectric Devices - Quartz-Crystal Device Model. Quartz-Crystal Filter Approximate Design. Nulling the Static Capacitance. Design of a Lower-Sideband Crystal Filter. Upper-Sideband Quartz-Crystal Filter. Filters with TZs Above and Below the Passband. Wide-Bandwidth Quartz-Crystal Filters. Very Wide-Bandwidth Quartz-Crystal Filters. Ceramic-Piezoelectric Resonators.; Symmetry - Physical Symmetry. Response Symmetry. Group-Delay Equalization.; Matching with S/Filter - Matching Concepts. Real Terminations. Complex Terminations. ; Distributed Filters - Comparing Distributed and Lumped Filters. The Genesys Microwave Filter Module. Distributed Synthesis Concepts. Lumped to Distributed Equivalent Transforms. Inverters. The Convert Using Advanced TLine Routine. Box Modes.Introduction to Distributed Filter Examples. ; Distributed Lowpass Filters - Exact Methods. Approximate Methods. Size Reduction by Penetration. Radial Stub Lowpass. Hybrid Lowpass. Distributed Lowpass Summary. ; Distributed Bandstop Filters - All-Pole with Stubs and Contributing UEs. Generalized Narrowband Bandstop.; Distributed Bandpass Filters - Tutorials of Bandpass by Synthesis. Unique Bandpass Designs. Hybrid Bandpass. ; Distributed Highpass Filters - The Hybrid Highpass. Purely Distributed Highpass. The Highpass Synthesized as a Bandpass.; Multiplexers - Contiguous Multiplexers. Noncontiguous Multiplexers. ; Electromagnetic Simulation - Overview. Box Modes. EM Simulation of Distributed Circuits. Classic Method of Bandpass Design. ; Appendix A: Example Summary - Lumped Examples. Distributed Examples. Hybrid Examples. Multiplexer Examples. Constants, Symbols, and Initialisms.; About the Author. Index. ;


  • Randall W. Rhea Randall W. Rhea is a leading RF and microwave engineering expert with extensive industry experience, working for Boeing Company, Goodyear Aerospace, and Scientific-Atlanta. He is the author of popular books in the field, as well as numerous technical papers and tutorial CDs. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Arizona State.