By (author): Peter Vizmuller

Copyright: 1987
Pages: 120
ISBN: 9780890062449

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Finally, a complete monograph explores the black artù of helical resonators for radio frequency applications. Filters with Helical and Folded Helical Resonators gives RF engineers, technicians and students hard to find information on these low cost, high efficiency filters. More than a technical review, this text presents two new classes of resonators and a novel coupling method. Several proposals show you how to design and build mechanically stable filters that have the right frequemcy response, don't drift with temperature, avoid re-resonance problems and have the lowest insertion loss for a given filter volume. You'll learn the derivation of the field configuration of helical resonator then discover how to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical problems. The three computer progaram listings included further simplify resonator design. Order Filters with Helical and Folded Helical Resonators for clear design guidelines and solutions to your actual working problems.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Field Configuration and Coupling Mechanism. Methods of Extending The Bandwidth. Variation of Filter Bandwidth With Center Frequency. Tradeoffs Involving Unloaded Q-Factor. Temperature and Mechanical Stability. Harmonic Reresonances and Folded Resonators. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.


  • Peter Vizmuller