By (author): Alexander Chenakin

Copyright: 2010
Pages: 254
ISBN: 9781596932302

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A frequency synthesizer is an electronic system for generating any of a range of frequencies from a single fixed oscillator. They are found in modern devices like radio receivers, mobile phones, and GPS systems. This comprehensive resource offers RF and microwave engineers a thorough overview of both well-established and recently developed frequency synthesizer design techniques. Professionals find expert guidance on all design aspects, including main architectures, key building blocks, and practical circuit implementation. Engineers learn the development process and gain a solid understanding of how to build a synthesizer from a basic diagram to the final product. Starting with a simple single-loop PLL example, the book progressively examines various alternatives - fractional-N, DDS, frequency offset, multiloop and more - to achieve required performance objectives. This unique volume gathers a collection of block diagrams, clever circuits, design recipes, and other hard-to-find information that is usually treated as design secretsù. Written in a simple yet rigorous style with numerous illustrations, the book is an all-in-one reference for both beginner and experienced designers.
Table Of Contents
Parameters and Architectures - Frequency Synthesizer Concept. Main Parameters. Form Factors and Applications. Control Interfaces. Main Architectures.; Building Blocks - Oscillators. Frequency Multipliers. Frequency Dividers. Frequency Mixers. Phase Detectors.; Synthesizer Construction - Transmission Lines and Distributed Elements. Chip-and-Wire Approach. Printed Circuit Board. Packaging.; Design Process - Specifications. Block Diagram. Schematic. Board Layout. Assembly. Mechanical Design. Control Software. Troubleshooting. Testing. Documentation.; Improving Performance - Performance Trade-Offs. Fractional-N. Using a DDS. Frequency Offset Schemes. Multiloop Architectures. Frequency Acquisition. Lock Monitoring. Fast-Switching Designs. VCO or YIG?. Reference Generation and Distribution. Filtering Harmonics. Frequency Extension. ; Advanced Functions - Frequency Stability and Synchronization. Frequency Control. Output Power Control. Modulation.; About the Author. Index.;


  • Alexander Chenakin Alexander Chenakin is the vice president of the Signal Sources Group at Phase Matrix, Inc. He has led the development of advanced products for a number of top microwave companies, including Celeritek, Nextek, Micro Lambda Wireless, and General Electronic Devices. Dr. Chenakin is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has been an invited speaker at several IEEE-sponsored events.