By (author): Leonard Jacobson

Copyright: 2007
Pages: 232
ISBN: 9781596930438

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Get expert insight into the dynamic, growing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) marketplace, along with in an in-depth overview of key applications and government policies, with this groundbreaking resource. The GNSS industry is fast becoming a financial entity to be noticed and recognized, and this book provides complete descriptions of all major commercial and military market segments, highlighting risks and opportunities for growth. It profiles past and current GNSS trends to provide a penetrating look at the industry's future. Further, this authoritative work delves into the role government policy plays and highlights user privacy rights and protection. Applications have been driving this industry's expansion, and this book discusses promising new applications for both the commercial and defense sectors. Taking a global perspective on GNSS business, this comprehensive volume shows how the industry is being influenced worldwide by systems developed in the U.S., European Union, India, China, and Japan. It also details how government policy is shaping markets in the U.S., E.U., and the rest of the world.
Table Of Contents
Introduction - Perspective. Legacy Systems. Future GNSS. GNSS Business and Markets. Applications of GNSS. GNSS Industry. Organization of the Book. Future Considerations. Brief History of Today's GNSS - Transit, Timation and 621B. Global Positioning System (GPS). GLONASS. Space-Based Augmentation Systems. Future GNSS and SBAS - Overview. GPS Modernization. GLONASS Modernization. Galaileo. Beidou and Compass. SBAS?WAAS and EGNOS. MSAS and QZSS. GAGAN and IRNS. Other Potential GNSS, SBAS, GBAS. Alternatives to GNSS. Future User Equipment. GNSS Business and Markets - GNSS: A Complex Market Based on Enabling Technologies. GNSS Market Characteristics. Market Scope, Segmentation, and Value. Unique Aspects of GNSS Market. Government Policies for GNSS - United States GPS and GNSS Policies. European Galileo Policies. Russian GLONASS Policies. Policies for Other GNSS. Market Effect of Policies. Appendices. Future GNSS Markets - Market Predictions. Overall Market Projections. Market Uncertainties and Risks. Segment Forecasts. Creative Uses for GNSS. Survey, Mapping, GIS and Timing. Military. Air and Space Applications - Air Applications. General and Business Aviation Applications. Unique Air Applications. Maritime Applications - GNSS on the Water. Commercial Shipping. Fisheries and Fishing. Maritime Positioning. Tracking. Pleasure Craft. Land Applications - GNSS on the Ground. Vehicle Navigation and Tracking. Precision Tracking. Location Based Services. Law Enforcement. Recreation. Mapping and Surveying, Geodesy and Timing Applications - Precision Applications of GNSS. Mapping. Surveying and Other High Accuracy Applications. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications. Geodetic Applications. Timing. Military Applications - GNSS for the Military. Wartime Operations with GPS. Military User Equipment. Foreign Military Applications. GNSS Industry - Historical Background of the Industry. Today 's GNSS Industry. Public GNSS Companies and Financial Comparisons. Other GNSS Companies. Financial Outlook for the GNSS Industry.


  • Leonard Jacobson Len Jacobson is founder and president of Global Systems Marketing, Inc., located in Long Beach, CA. He has been a technical, management, and business development consultant to the global-positioning systems (GPS) industry, the U.S. Government, and to the legal profession for many years after a long industrial career. He was elected to the NATO Industrial Advisory Group and has served on a U.S. Department of Defense Science Board Panel, which examined defense trade policies. A prolific author and noted media and legal expert on GPS, he is editorial advisor for GPS World and Inside GNSS magazines. He earned his M.S. in electrical engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York.