By (author): Sigcad Ltd.

Copyright: 1996
ISBN: 9780890068632

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Verify your designs in record time with this new electronic design and simulation program. GSPICE for Windows presents you with an affordable alternative to expensive design software by offering high-end, Windows-based productivity without sacrificing performance. Fully integrated, the system consists of 4 modules: a Schematic Editor, Component Editor, Netlist Editor, and simulator/postprocessor. The software features an Interactive Interpreter with its own command language, allowing for interactive communication with both the simulator and the postprocessor. And unlike other SPICE3 simulators, GSPICE is interfaced with an advanced postprocessor, allowing you to perform simulation and data analysis in the same environment. System Requirements: 386/486/586 PC compatibles with a minimum 4 MB RAM. VGA or higher display. MS Windows 3.1 or later version.


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