By (author): Victor L. Granatstein

Copyright: 1987
Pages: 574
ISBN: 9780890062418

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Here in one volume, you'll find the most advanced information on high-power microwave technology and research available. High-Power Microwave Sources presents the latest work of the world's top microwave scientists compiled in one comprehensive techical resource. Practicing research scientists and industrial engineers interested in the leading-edge of microwave source science and its applications will find this theoretical and practical reference indispensable. Contributing Authors: Baruch Levush and Adam T. Drobot, Charls B. Wharton, Charles K. Birdsall, J. Mark Baird, Victor L. Granatstein, John A. Pasour, John M. Burke, Wallace M. Manheimer, and Edward M. Ott, Igor Alexeff, Y.Y. Lau, James Benford, William Case, Donald J. Sullivan, Evangelos A. Coutsias, Lester E. Thode.
Table Of Contents
Introduction and Basic Techniques. Fast-Wave Devices Gyrotron Theory. Slow-Wave Devices and Virtual Cathode Oscillators. Index.


  • Victor L. Granatstein