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Pages: 312
ISBN: 9781608071067

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This timely book offers you a solid understanding of the critical facets of homeland security, including threats, countermeasures, and privacy. You find important discussions on how to overcome challenges in today 's information systems and how to analyze emerging phenomena in large complex systems. The book offers detailed guidance on the model-based design of trustworthy health information systems. Moreover, you get an in-depth overview of the detection, identification, and track of dangerous materials. This comprehensive resource also explores urban defense using mobile sensor platforms, focusing on both surveillance and protection. Supported with nearly 100 illustrations, Homeland Security Facets includes detailed case studies and real-world examples.
Table Of Contents
The New Vision of the Homeland Security Scenario - Unveiling the New Scenario. The New Rules and Operational Avenues. The Last Step.; Homeland Security and National Defense in the Twenty-First Century - The New World Scenario. National DefenseHomeland Protection. Network-Enabled Capability. Net-Centric Warfare Doctrine and Technological Challenges. The NEC Implementation in an Archetypal Nation: Italy. Conclusions. ; Homeland Security and Challenges in Information Systems - ICT and Society, ICT and Control Systems, and the Blurring from Both. The Information Security Challenge: E-Banking as an Example. Analysis of Research Needs in Critical Financial Infrastructure: Parsifal. Introducing Information Sharing: Key Challenges. The Dilemma of Security-Privacy. Conclusions. ; Analysis of Emerging Phenomena in Large Complex Systems -Introduction. The Challenge of Complex Systems. The New Approach of System Engineering. Study Cases. Conclusions. ; Model-Based Design of Trustworthy Health Information Systems -Introduction. Patient-Centered Clinical Information Management Processes. Policy Languages and Policy Composition. Ethical and Legal Analysis. Model-Based Design. Model-Based Experiment Integration. Closing the Loop: Patient-Centered Health Information Management Evaluation. ; Urban Defense Using Mobile Sensor Platforms: Surveillance, Protection, and Privacy -Introduction. MobEyes: Video Surveillance from Vehicular Platforms. MobEyes Urban Surveillance Examples. Secure, Selective Surveillance in Vehicular Networks. Conclusions. ; Detection and Identification of Dangerous Materials for Airport Security - The Airport Transport Security Problem. Standard Security Solutions and Issues. Innovative Approach to Security. Sensors for a Distributed Dangerous Object Detection/Classification System. Indoor/Outdoor Noncooperative People Tracking. Conclusions. ; Privacy Versus Security: A Fight That May Turn into an Alliance -Introduction. Privacy and Security and Safety: Their Definition and Correlation. The Paradigm of Integrated Security and Safety Management. The New Interpretation on the Security Role. The Regulatory Framework and the Open Model of Assurance. The New Model: The Archetypal Approach. Conclusions. ; Privacy-Aware Design for the Monitoring, Control, and Protection of Critical Infrastructure -Introduction. Sensor Networking Technologies for Infrastructure Protection. Example Application Development: SCADA. Privacy: Definitions and the Law. Privacy Issue: The Market for Information. Protecting Privacy: Privacy-Aware Design. Privacy Problems and Advanced Sensing System: Demand Response Case Study. Conclusion. ; Military Defense, Civil Defense, and Civil Protection Integration in a Multiscenario Crisis Event -Introduction. Italian National Protection System. System Criticality. Summit G8 Security Planning. Conclusions. ; Repel Boarders! -Introduction. Pirates. The Threat. Prepare to Repel Boarders! Modern Solutions for the Antipiracy Issue. A Recently Implemented Antipiracy System. The Validating Experiment. Conclusions. ; About the Authors. Index ;


  • Giorgio Franceshetti Giorgio Franceschetti is a full professor at the University Federico II, Napoli, Italy, an adjunct professor at UCLA, and a distinguished visiting scientist at JPL. Dr. Franceschetti is the author/editor of several books and has published over 160 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals of recognized standards. He earned his Ph.D. in electronic and telecommunications engineering at the University of Rome.
  • Marina Grossi Marina Grossi is chief executive officer of SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, leader in defense electronics and air traffic control systems.