By (author): Stephen S. Bonham

Copyright: 2004
Pages: 286
ISBN: 9781580537810

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This groundbreaking book introduces you to a comprehensive approach to implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to support and prioritize IT projects in both large and small companies. The first book to show you how to manage the portfolio of all IT-based projects in an organization, this unique resource details how a portfolio of projects can be aligned with the ever-changing marketplace via a central strategy, maximized for overall return on investment, and balanced for risk across an organization. Written by a highly regarded industry professional with over 15 years of experience, the book is packed with real-world case studies and insightful personal experiences from the author's career. You discover new concepts such as Virtual IT PMO, IT Flexibility Chains, and AARK management and learn how these concepts can be combined for optimum effectiveness under the umbrella of IT PPM. From overcoming bureaucracy and breaking down communication walls between finance and information technology, to internal IT staffing and outsourcing, this authoritative book maps out the most effective way to choose, manage and support your portfolio of IT-based projects to match the goals of your company's corporate strategy.
Table Of Contents
IT Project Portfolio Management - Modern Portfolio Theory. IT Project Management. Portfolio Selection. The IT PMO. ; Strategic Alignment - Corporate Strategy. IT Projects. Strategic Frameworks. Reengineering Cumulative Digression. ; Portfolio Flexibility - Risk and Methodologies. Flexibility. Initiative Methodologies. Project Methodologies. ; The IT Portfolio Management Office - Defining IT PMO. Virtual PMO. PMO Structure. Organizational Change. ; Architecture Management - The Enterprise Business Architecture (EBA). The Enterprise IT Architecture (EIA). Implementing EIA. ; Asset Management - Inventories. Enterprise Asset Management. Organizational Support. ; Resource Management - Acquiring Resources. Supporting Resources. Scheduling Resources. Outsourcing. ; Knowledge Management - Success Levels. Externally Focused KM. Internally Focused KM. PMO Supported KM. ; Portfolio Prioritization - The Prioritization Process. Initiative Reviews. Project Audits. Portfolio Maximization. Balance. ; Organizational Support - Marketing IT PPM. IT PMO Rollout. Bringing It All Together. ; Bibliography. Glossary of Acronyms.;


  • Stephen S. Bonham Stephen S. Bonham is president of TrueCourse Solutions, Inc. in Denver, CO. A Project Management Professional affiliated with PMI (Project Management Institute), he has over 15 years of experience working for several small product companies and consulting for several fortune 500 companies. Mr. Bonham holds an M.E. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado and an M.B.A. from the University of Denver