Copyright: 2003
Pages: 366
ISBN: 9781580536851

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Because today's products rely on tightly integrated hardware and software components, system and software engineers, and project and product managers need to have an understanding of both product data management (PDM) and software configuration management (SCM). This groundbreaking book offers you that essential knowledge, pointing out the similarities and differences of these two processes, and showing you how they can be combined to ensure effective and efficient product and system development, production and maintenance. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the immense range of PDM/SCM tools in the marketplace. You learn how to leverage the synergy created by combining PDM and SCM. Organizations using this integrated approach can benefit for years to come by being able to quickly and efficiently develop new products and efficiently maintain and update existing products. A thorough treatment of PDM and SCM principles ensures mastery of these development processes before embarking on an integration program. In-depth case studies provide practical knowledge for successful PDM and SCM use and integration.
Table Of Contents
Basic Principles in PDM and SCM; Requirements of Complex Product Development and Manufacturing.; General Description of PDM -Introduction. Basic Characteristics of PDM. Document Management and PDM. Trends in PDM, Summary. ; General Description of SCM -Introduction. Basic Characteristics of SCM. Document Management and SCM. Trends in SCM. ; PDM and SCM - Similarities and Differences Comparison of Principles and Key Functionalities of PDM and SCM - Comparison of Principles. Comparison of Key Functionalities.; Analysis and General Findings - Development Process and Information Management. Example of Information Management and Development Processes Complex Products. Integration Needs and Constraints.; Integration and Deployment; PDM and SCM Integration - Possible Integrations. Different Scenarios in an Integrated Environment. Examples of Integration. Advantages and Disadvantages of Integrated Solutions.; Evaluation and Deployment - Analysis of Internal Processes. Collection of Requirements. PDM and SCM Evaluation. Generic Deployment Process. Tools Deployment.; Case Studies ; The Case Studies - Different Case Studies from US and European Leading Enterprises. Findings and Lessons Learned.; Tools and Standards Survey; A survey of PDM Tools - Overview of Certain PDM Tools. List of PDM Tools and PDM Web Resources.; A survey of SCM Tools - Overview of Certain SCM Tools. List of SCM Tools and SCM Web Resources.; Document Management Systems - Overview. List of Tools. Web Resources.; Standards and De Facto Standards in PDM and SCM - An Overview of PDM and SCM Standards. Standards Used by PDM and SCM.;


  • Ulf Asklund Ulf Asklund is an associate professor at Lund University, Sweden, where he earned a Ph.D. in configuration management. A regular presenter at international conferences on software configuration management, he has organized workshops and a conference for the IEEE.
  • Annita Persson Dahlqvist Annita Persson Dahlqvist is a software configuration and product data manager for Ericsson, AB. She earned her B.Sc. in computer science from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has been a program committee member of software configuration management symposia and workshops and is a regular presenter at international conferences on software and system configuration management.
  • Annita Persson Dahlqvist