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Pages: 496
ISBN: 9781580539838

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Get hands-on expertise in the design of frequency synthesizers in high-speed integrated circuits with this complete, one-stop resource packed with straight-from-the-lab techniques, procedures, and applications. It delivers a definitive introduction to system architecture and behavioral analysis. Moreover, you find detailed circuit implementation guidance for state-of-the-art synthesizer designs, emphasizing phase-locked loop-based analog synthesizers and direct digital synthesizers and their applications in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies. This peerless on-the-job reference brings a mountain of circuit and system level information together for the first time in a single volume. You get full details on transistor-level circuit design for each functional block, and tested solutions for problems raised by circuit level constraints and other issues associated with synthesizer implementations. The latest advances in phase noise reduction techniques, injection locking, and quadrature oscillators are explained, and details on new techniques like ultra-high speed direct digital synthesis take you to the cutting edge of next-generation wireless and radar applications. You also get an in-depth look at D modulators and a discussion on PLL and DDS hybrid frequency synthesis and direct modulations. This practical book includes numerous worked and simulated examples that provide field-tested analyses, design approaches, and problem-solving strategies. More than 235 illustrations offer further clarification and insight.
Table Of Contents
Introduction Introduction of Frequency Synthesizers. Frequency Synthesis for Telecommunication Systems. Frequency Synthesis for Digital Circuit Applications, Frequency Synthesis for Clock and Data Recovery, Frequency Synthesis for Modulation and Waveform Generation. Overview.; Synthesizer ArchitecturesIntroduction, Integer-N PLL Synthesizers, Fractional-N PLL Synthesizers, Delay-Locked Loops, Clock and Data Recovery PLL, Direct Digital Synthesizer, Direct Analog Frequency Synthesizers, Hybrid Synthesizers. ; System Level Overview of PLL-Based Frequency Synthesis Introduction. Phase Locked Loops (an example of a feedback system). PLL Components. Continuous-Time Analysis for PLL Synthesizer. Discrete-Time Analysis for PLL Synthesizers. Transient Behavior of PLLs, Phase Noise and Timing Jitter in PLL Synthesis. ; Introduction to Digital IC Design Digital Design Methodology and Flow. Verilog HDL. Behavioral and Structural Modeling. Combinatorial Digital Circuit Design. Sequential Digital Circuit Design. Digital Design Example I: A Multi-Modulus Divider, Digital Design Example II: A Programmable MASH Modulator; CMOS Logic and Current Mode Logic CMOS Logic Circuits. Large-Signal Behavior of Bipolar and CMOS Differential Pairs. Effect of Capacitance on Slew Rate. Tradeoff Between Power Consumption and Speed, CML Combinational Circuits: CML Sequential Circuits; Master-Slave D Flip-Flop, CML Circuit Delay Analysis. Low Power CML Circuits, CML Biasing Circuits. Driver Circuits. ; Dividers and Phase-Frequency Detectors Introduction, A Static Divide-by-Two Circuit, Programmable Divide-by-Two of Divide-by-Three Circuit, a 50% Duty Cycle High-Speed Divide-By-Three Circuit, A Multi-Modulus Divider, A Generic MMD Architecture, Pulse-Swallow Dividers, Multipliers, Phase Detectors - Basic Types of Phase Detectors, Circuit Implementation of PFDs. Dead Zone in PFDs. Lock Detection Circuits. A Modified PFD with Aligned Up and Down Pulses. Phase-Frequency Detectors for CDR Applications. ; Charge Pumps and Loop Filters Charge Pumps - A Basic Charge Pump. Saturation Voltage. Current Source Output Impedance. Reference Feedthrough, Transistor Gain Considerations, Charge Pump Noise. Charge Sharing. Improving Matching Between Ip and In, Charge Pumps Compatible with CML/ECL. A Differential Charge Pump. Common Mode Feedback for a Differential Charge Pump. Programmable Biasing Schemes. Loop Filters - Passive Loop Filters. Active Loop Filters. LC Loop Filters. ; Voltage-Controlled Oscillators Introduction. Specifications of Oscillator Properties, LC-Based VCOs, Oscillator Analysis, Amplitude of a Negative Gm Oscillator, Several Refinements to the -Gm Topology, Injection Locked Oscillators, Quadrature LC Oscillators Using Injection Locking, Other Techniques to Generate Quadrature Signals, Varactors for Oscillator Frequency Control, Overview of Phase Noise in LC Oscillators, Low Frequency Phase Noise Up Conversion Reduction Techniques, Ring Oscillators. Common Inverter Circuits, Method for Designing a Two-Stage Ring Oscillator, Phase Noise and Jitter in Ring Oscillators. Crystal Oscillators. ; Sigma-Delta Modulation for Fractional-N Synthesis Introduction, Basic Concepts - Quantization Noise and Oversampling;


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