By (author): Leo G. Maloratsky

Copyright: 2013
Pages: 366
ISBN: 9781608072064

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This highly practical resource offers you an in-depth understanding of microwave front end integration and how it is applied in the avionics field. You find detailed guidance on circuit integration, including coverage of component miniaturization, hybrid and monolithic integrated circuits, and 3D design. The book addresses system integration with discussions on the combination of different avionic systems, single antenna design, top/bottom front end combination, and integration of passive and active antenna modules. This first-of-its-kind volume features unique material on novel structures of avionics front end, novel transmission lines, elements, and devices, as well as new strategies for microwave front-end design. Supported with nearly 200 illustrations and more than 160 equations, this book is a valuable professional reference and also serves well as a postgraduate textbook.
Table Of Contents
Architecture and Characteristics of Microwave Front-Ends - Basic Front-End Architecture. Main Characteristics of Front-Ends. Performance of Avionics Front-Ends. ; Planar Transmission Lines - Characteristics of Planar Transmission Lines. Coupled Planar Transmission Lines. Combinations of Different Transmission Lines. Setting Strategies and Trade-Off Design of Planar Transmission Lines. ; Distributed and Lumped Elements - Lumped-Element Capactiors. Lumped-Element Inductors. Lumped-Element Resistors. Cascade Arrangement of Elementary Lumped Elements. Distributed Planar Attenuators or Terminators. Discontinuities. ; Passive Devices - Directional Couplers. Dividers and Combiners. Filters. Baluns. Circulators and Isolators. Trade-Off Design of Passive RF/Microwave Components. ; Control Devices - Switches. Limiters. Phase Shifters. Duplexers and Diplexers. Low-Noise Amplifiers. Mixers ; Avionics Front-Ends - Distance Measuring Equipment. Microwave Landing System. Global Positioning System. Traffic Collision Avoidance System. Transponder. Radio Altimeter. Weather Radar. Comparison of Microwave Front-Ends for Different Avionics Systems.; Integrated Multifunctional Front-Ends - Multimode Receiver. XPDR/DME/UAT/ADS-B System. TCAS/XPDR and TCAS/XPDR/UAT Systems. TCAS/XPDR/ADS-B. Integration Index of Combined Integrated Front-Ends. Interference in Avionics Systems.; Antennas and Interfaces - Blade Antennas. Patch Antennas. Passive Antenna Arrays. Folded-Monopole Antenna Array. Analysis of Printed BFNs and SBFNs. Nonideal Antenna Module Performance. Scanning Antennas. Active Antennas. Antenna Module Interface.; Control and Calibration of Avionics Microwave Front-Ends - Avionics Monopulse Front-Ends and Bearing Accuracy. Calibration of Avionics Front-Ends. Self-Test of Avionics Front-Ends.; Design and Fabrication Technology - Technology Processes. Design Flow. Packaging of Microwave Circuitry. Multilayer Design. Three-Dimensional Front-End Design. Future of Avionics Front-Ends.;


  • Leo G. Maloratsky Leo G. Maloratsky currently works for Aerospace Electronics Co. Previously, he was a staff engineer at Allied Signal, a principle engineer at Rockwell Collins, and an assistant professor at the Moscow Institute or Radioelectronics. He is the author of four monographs, one text book, and over 50 articles. He also holds over 20 patents. He received is M.S. in electrical engineering from the Moscow Aviation Institute and his Ph.D. from the Moscow Institute of Communications.