By (author): Richard Bishop

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 366
ISBN: 9781580539128

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This groundbreaking resource offers you a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge intelligent vehicle (IV) systems aimed at providing enhanced safety, greater productivity, and less stress for drivers. Rather than bogging you down with difficult technical discourse, this easy-to-understand book presents a conceptual and realistic view of how IV systems work and the issues involved with their introduction into road vehicles. Helping you apply your skills to this emerging field, this practical reference offers you a thorough understanding of how electronics and electronic systems must work within automobiles, heavy trucks, and buses. The book examines real-world products, along with practical issues, including cost, market aspects, driver interface, and user acceptance. You find in-depth coverage of current systems such as lane departure warning and forward collision mitigation, as well as the next wave of driver assist systems, including seamless information flow between road vehicles and the road infrastructure. Moreover, the book helps you understand the motivations and activities of automakers regarding IV systems in today's market, and offers you a view of the future of this rapidly evolving technological area.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. IV Application Areas. What 's on the Market Already? Intelligent Vehicle Activities in Asia. Intelligent Vehicle Activities at the Pan-European Level. Intelligent Vehicle Activities at the National Level in Europe. Intelligent Vehicle Activities in North America. Intelligent Vehicle Priorities and Strategies for the Vehicle Industry. Intelligent Vehicles as Human-Centered Systems. Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Systems: Challenges and Opportunities. Extending the Information Horizon through Floating Car Data Systems. Challenges in ProductIntroduction. Looking forward: Enabling Technologies and Future Trends. Summary. Conclusion.


  • Richard Bishop Richard Bishop is the owner of Bishop Consulting located in Granite, MD and is also publisher and chief writer for the cyber-magazine, the only periodical dedicated to covering the IV industry. He is a member of the TRB Committee on Vehicle-Highway Automation, the ITS America Automotive, Telematics, and Consumer Electronics Forum, the IEE Automotive and Road Transport Systems Professional Network, and the IEEE. He holds a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Auburn University and an M.S. in technical management from Johns Hopkins University.