Copyright: 2003
Pages: 450
ISBN: 9781580533560

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This unique new book is your single resource for all issues related to intermodulation and multi-tone distortion in microwave and wireless circuits. Beginning with an overview of the general concepts of distortion in microwave and wireless devices, it delves into the theory and practical aspects of nonlinear distortion, tools for nonlinear analysis, mathematical representations of wireless circuits and devices, and design methods for minimizing distortion. The book presents the full range of distortion specs to help ensure you select the right telecommunications equipment for your needs. Choose from the full range of design methods for highly linear circuits to optimize linearity in small-signal and high-power amplifiers and mixers. Practical advice on modeling and computer-aided tools guides you toward successful analysis and design. Moreover, the book helps you design other highly-linear circuits and systems related to microwave and wireless communications and it includes the most comprehensive treatment of the application of Volterra methods in the technical literature.
Table Of Contents
Foreword.; Preface.; Introduction - Signal Pertubation: General Concepts. Linearity and Nonlinearity. Overview of Nonlinear Distortion Phenomena. Scope of the Book.; IMD Characterization Techniques -Introduction. One-Tone Characterization Tests. Two-Tone Characterization Tests. Multi-Tone or Continuous Spectra Characterization Tests. Examples of Nonlinear Distortion Characterization.; Nonlinear Analysis Techniques -Introduction. Frequency-Domain Techniques for Small-Signal Distortion Analysis. Frequency-Domain Techniques for Large Signal Distortion Analysis. Time-Domain Techniques for Distortion Analysis. Summary of Nonlinear Analysis Techniques for Distortion Evaluation.; Nonlinear Device Modeling -Introduction; Device Models Based on Equivalent Circuits. Electron Device Models for Nonlinear Distortion Prediction. Behavioral Models for System Level Simulation.; Highly Linear Circuit Design -Introduction. High Dynamic Range Amplifier Design. Linear Power Amplifier Design. Linear Mixer Design. Nonlinear Distortion in Balanced Circuits.;


  • Nuno Borges Carvalho Nuno Borges Carvalho is assistant professor in the Telecommunications Institute at the University of Aveiro, Aveiro Portugal, where he earned both engineering and doctoral degrees in electronics and telecommunications.
  • Jose Carlos Pedro Jose Carlos Pedro is associate professor in the Telecommunications Institute at the University of Aveiro, Aveiro Portugal. A senior member of the IEEE, he earned both engineering and doctoral degrees in electronics and telecommunications at the University of Aveiro.