By (author): Jack Kessler

Copyright: 1996
Pages: 265
ISBN: 9780890068755

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As the popularity of the Internet and the W3 continue to grow, so does the demand for easy access to information from anywhere around the globe. This first-of-its-kind book explores the fast-changing world of international digital libraries - their current status as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with their continuing development. Country by country, the book takes you on a tour of digital library projects being created in very different ways worldwide. You learn how factors such as language, politics, and business practices affect international development and access. The author also provides important insights into the role of libraries in the development of online digital information - and examines efforts under way to make the W3 and various forms of Internet telecommunications more amenable to international users of varied skill levels and cultural backgrounds. Written in clear, non-technical language, the book: Introduces you to the international aspects of online digital information development; Explains current digital library projects on the Internet - and assesses the role of libraries inthe development, organization, and delivery of that information internationally; Presents national case studies that describe and compare digital library initiatives under way in avariety of countries; Introduces the mystery around multilingual access to online digital information; Characterizes different approaches that must be adopted for international efforts. This book's focus on library/Internet parallels, simple-language presentation, and chapter-by-chapter coverage make it a highly useful source for Internet/Web service developers, librarians, archivists, Internet/Web trainers, and digital information and Internet/Web users.
Table Of Contents
Part I - Setting the Stage: The Internet Goes Public. Digitization in Libraries. Incunabula. Part II - Specifics - National: France. Singapore. China. India. Australia. Thailand. The UK. Hungary. Japan. Indonesia. National Government. Part III - Specifics - International: Language. Politics and Political Structures. Technical Standards. Business. International Organizations. Part IV - Generalities - International: Media and Messages. Libraries and Information. Human Users. Appendices. Glossary. Bibliography and Resource List. Index.


  • Jack Kessler