Copyright: 2011
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781608071579

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Written for novice engineers and engineering students, this easy-to-comprehend resource offers you thorough introductory-level treatment of antenna analysis using electromagnetic (EM) simulators. This richly-illustrated book shows you how to use EM software to analyze and tune wireless antennas to meet specific requirements. You learn important wireless antenna design terminology and gain a detailed understanding of how antennas work. Moreover, the book offers you guidance in troubleshooting problems with wireless antenna designs. This authoritative reference also provides you with a complete overview of the many different kinds of antennas and related EM tools. DVD Included: Contains Sonnet electromagnetics analysis software, featuring example files that are described and illustrated in the book.
Table Of Contents
Preface ; The Antennas Around Us - What Is an Electrical Circuit? Just Exactly What Is the Antenna? Fundamental Form of Antennas. What Are Near and Far Fields? ; Antennas and Radio Waves - Great Inventions. The Development of Various Antennas. Electric Field, Magnetic Field, Electromagnetic Field, and the Electromagnetic Wave. Antenna Design by Using EM Simulators. ; Wire Antennas - Fundamentals of a Dipole Antenna. Fundamentals of a Loop Antenna. Fundamentals of the Yagi-Uda Antenna. Importance of Antenna Input Impedance. Instruments for Measurement of Input Impedance. ; Antennas on Substrates - Substrate Dielectrics and Wavelength Shortening. Fundamentals of an Inverted L Antenna. Fundamentals of a Patch Antenna. Effects of Dielectric Materials. Effect of Magnetic Materials. ; Traveling Wave Antennas - Turning Transmission Lines into Antennas. Antennas That Do Not Resonate. Fundamentals of a Bow Tie Antenna. ; Antennas for RFID Systems - RFID Systems Based on Electromagnetic Induction. UHF RFID Tag Antennas. Polarization of Reader and Tag. Radiation of Circular Polarization from Patch Antenna. Prediction of Communication Distance. ; Determination of Antenna Characteristics by Using EM Simulators - Radiation Efficiency of Antennas. Antenna Gain. Bandwidth of Antennas. Interrelation of Three Parameters. ; Practical Antennas - Ultrawideband Antennas. Receiving Antennas for Digital Terrestrial Television. Antennas for Cellular Phones. Small Antennas for Integrated Circuit Cards. The Wireless World Is Expanding. ; Appendix. About the Authors. Index ;


  • Yoshie Kogure Yoshie Kogure is a technical writer and account manager at Kogure Consulting Engineers. She received her Bachelor's degree from Waseda University.
  • Hiroaki Kogure Hiroaki Kogure is a registered professional engineer with Kogure Consulting Engineers and a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of Science and Tokyo City University. He received his Dr.Eng. degree in electromagnetic field analysis at the Tokyo University of Science.
  • James Rautio James Rautio is the president of Sonnet Software, Inc. He holds an M.S. in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in electromagnetics from Syracuse University. Dr. Rautio is a Fellow of the IEEE MTT Society.