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By (author): William C. Dunn

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 354
ISBN: 9781580530118

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This clear, easy-to-comprehend resource offers a state-of-art treatment of the instrumentation, sensors and process control used in modern manufacturing. The book covers a wide range of technologies and techniques, fully explaining important related terminology. You learn how to use microprocessors for both analog and digital process control, as well as signal conditioning. Additionally, you gain a thorough understanding of the various types of valves and actuators used for flow control. Moreover, this cutting-edge reference provides in-depth discussions on analog digital circuits and controllers, and details microelectromechanical devices and smart sensors. You discover how to use Fieldbus protocols with smart sensors and programmable logic controllers. The book presents numerous worked examples using both English and SI (international system) units, which allows for easy conversion between the two systems. Nearly 250 illustrations and more than 150 equations support key topics throughout the book.
Table Of Contents
Preface.; Process Control - Basic Process Control Systems. Definition of Control Elements. Instrument Parameters, Control System Evaluation, Analog and digital Data. ; Units and Standards - Units. Electronic Standards. Measurement Standards. Constants, Institutions. ; Basic Electrical Components - Basic Electrical Elements. Bridge Circuits. Reactance. Filters. ; Analog Electronics -. Operational Amplifiers. Current and Voltage Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers. Non-linear Amplifiers, Application. ; Digital Electronics - Digital Circuits. Analog to Digital Converters. Digital to Analog Converters. Data Acquisition Devices, Basic Processor. ; Microelectromechanical Devices and Smart Sensors - Integrated Temperature, Light, Time, Force, Motion, Magnetic Field Sensors, Micromachining. Pressure Sensors. Accelerometers, Smart Sensors. ; Pressure - Basic Terms. Pressure Measurements. Pressure Formulae. Measuring Instruments. Application Considerations. ; Level - Level Formulae. Level Sensing Devices. Application Considerations. ; Flow -Introduction. Basic Terms. Flow Formulae. Measurement. Application Considerations. ; Temperature and Heat - Basic Terms. Temperature and Heat Formulae. Measuring Devices. Application Considerations. ; Position, Force, and Light - Motion sensors and Applications, Force, Torque, and Load Cells, Light Sources, Measurement, and Applications. ; Humidity, and Other Sensors - Humidity, and Moisture Measuring Devices Density and Specific Gravity. Viscosity. Sound, pH Measurements, Smoke and Chemical Sensors. ; Actuators and Control - Pressure Regulators. Flow Control Valves, and Actuators, Power Control Devices, Servo, Stepper, and Synchronous Motors. Application Considerations. ; Programmable Logic Controllers - Types of PLCs.. Input and Output Modules. PLC Operation. Ladder diagrams. ; Signal Conditioning and Transmission - Analog and Digital Signal Conditioning. Signal Transmission. Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus, Telemetry. ; Process Control - On/Off Action. Proportional Derivative and Integral Action. Stability, and Loop Tuning, Implementation of Control Loops. ; Documentation, P&ID - Alarm and Trip Systems, Documentation, Interconnections. Instrument Symbols. Functional Symbols. P&ID. ; Glossary. Index.;


  • William C. Dunn William C. Dunn worked in various key management roles for the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector for over 10 years. Now semi-retired, Mr. Dunn is an adjunct instructor at Ouachita Technical College, teaching digital logic and industrial instrumentation. A well-published author, he holds more than 25 patents and has presented at several major industry conferences.