Copyright: 2015
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781630810092

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This authoritative new resource provides an overview and introduction to working with RF, microwave, and high frequency components. From transmission lines, antennas, millimeter waves, ferrites, hybrids, power dividers and filters, this book focuses on practical, time-to-market issues to help with projects in the field. Keeping mathematics to a minimum, this comprehensive volume is packed with over 700 illustrations that help clarify key concepts. The reader will gain an in-depth understanding of the special characteristics exploited in microwave and high frequency design. The book is also used in industrial training courses. Course information is available at
Table Of Contents
Introduction, Transmission Lines, Antennas, Millimeter Waves, Ferrites, Hybrids, Power Dividers, Filters.


  • Krister Andreasson Krister Andreasson is a retired engineer from Microdata Telecom and LPG Telecom where he developed filters and low noise amplifier products for base stations. Throughout most of his career he was involved in research and development in the RF/Microwave field which translated into course work and writing for industrial training in the field.
  • Richard Wallace Richard Wallace graduated with a first class degree in Electronics. He worked on wireless communication at Ericsson where he spent time designing and developing the world's first generation of RF radios and basebands for Bluetooth. Richard also worked on Bluetooth applications and RF synthesizers for base stations at Infineon Technologies. Richard provides industrial training with focus on RF design, antennas, RF layout techniques, yield optimization, regulatory compliancy and wireless system designs. He is currently a Senior RF Application Engineer at Texas Instruments.