Copyright: 1990
Pages: 471
ISBN: 9780890063019

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This book shows you how to solve high-frequency electromagnetic problems for which exact solutions of Maxwell's equations are not possible. The authors discuss the basic concepts and ideas and then explain each diffraction phenomenon in turn. They offer teaching-based examples that guide you in applying these principles to real-world design and analysis problems. Designed for both self-study and guided instruction, Introduction to the Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction includes only problem, established techniques. Over 1500 equations and 184 line drawings illustrate diffraction methods for solving typical radiation and scattering problems.
Table Of Contents
Foreword.Preface. The Nature of High-Frequency Methods. Geometrical Optics Fields. Geometrical Optics Reflect Fields. Two-Dimensional Wedge Diffraction. Applications of Two-Dimensional Wedge Diffraction. Three-Dimensional Wedge Diffraction and Corner Diffraction. Equivalent Currents. Diffraction at a Smooth Convex Conducting Surface. Appendices. Index.


  • Jan Malherbe
  • Derek A. McNamara
  • C. W. I. Pistorius