Copyright: 1988
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9780890062746

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Required reading for satellite professionals, international communication scholars, and all delegates and prepatory committees for the ITU satellite conferences. The Law and Regulation of International Space Communication discusses each International Telecommunication Union (ITU) space conference and the corresponding technical regulations and principles of law established and evolved at each. The book examines the evolution and structure of the international telecommunication law-making process.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Background Information. Radio and the Geostationary Satellite Orbit. The International Telecommunication Union and The Regulation of Radio. The Law-Making Conferences of International Telecommunication Union and Space Communication. Judicial and Advisory Organs of International Telecommunication Union and Space Communication. ITU Conferences: 1959-1965. ITU Conferences: 1971-1977. ITU Conferences: 1979-1983. The 1985 Space Conference. Direct Broadcast Satellites and the Evolution in the United Nations of International Space Law. Conclusion. Glossary. Index.


  • Rita Lauria-White
  • Harold M. White