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By (author): James E. Toney

Copyright: 2015
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781608079247

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This new resource presents the concepts, technologies, and design techniques for devices based on the electro-optic effect in lithium niobate. It bridges from the theory of photonics and electro-optics, to the practice of electro-optic device design and application. There is an emphasis on practical analysis using modern modeling tools. The book explains the fundamental physics of the electro-optic effect, classes of electro-optic materials, electro-optic properties of lithium niobate, and the physics and uses of ferroelectric domain inversion. Readers are also provided with the principles of operation, performance measures, and design considerations for the most common types of electro-optic devices: beam deflectors, intensity and phase modulators, including quasi-phased matched devices.
Table Of Contents
Introduction; Physics of Electro-Optic Materials; Ferroelectric Domain Engineering; Beam Deflectors and Switches; Optical Waveguides in Lithium Niobate; Intensity Modulators; Phase Modulation, Polarization Control, and Quasi-Phase Matching; Photonic Crystals in Electro-Optic Materials; Analog Fiber Optic Links; Electric Field Sensing; Photonic Signal Processing; Digital Data Transmission; Optical Frequency Conversion.


  • James E. Toney James E. Toney is senior research scientist at SRICO, Inc. in Columbus, OH, where his work focuses on modeling, design, and characterization of lithium niobate devices for sensing, modulation, and optical frequency conversion. He earned his Ph.D. in physics at Carnegie Mellon University.