By (author): Allen A. Sweet

Copyright: 1990
Pages: 379
ISBN: 9780890063057

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Describing the design process and presenting specific examples, this text comprehensively addresses microwave, amplifier, and oscillator operation and design techniques. An ideal handbook for the practicing design engineer, the reference concentrates on computer-aided design techniques, analysis, and optimization; MMIC design process and MIC hybrid techniques; and fabrication techniques for both MIC and MMIC circuits, familiarizing the engineer with design fabrication. The author discusses the technical challenge of designing microwave amplifiers and oscillators, and stresses the importance of accurate active device modeling. Benefiting designers of all levels, this thorough book will prove an invaluable guide for both practicing design engineers and students.
Table Of Contents
Introduction. Devices. Microstrip Transmission Line Fundamentals. Amplifier Circuits. Oscillator Circuits. Computer-Aided Design Techniques. MIC Layout and Fabrication. MMIC Layout and Fabrication.


  • Allen A. Sweet Allen A. Sweet is an RF/microwave communications technology consultant with over 35 years of industry experience and an adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Santa Clara University. He is also the author of the classic book, Microwave Technology: MIC and MMIC Amplifier and Oscillator Circuit Design (Artech House, 1990). He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering, physics and applied physics from Cornell University.