By (author): Guy Tozer

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 338
ISBN: 9780890062807

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Defining a new approach to data management at the enterprise level, this book takes you beyond information management to information control, where the methods of data capture and manipulation supersede data quantity. Using the Metadata approach ensures long-term, universal control of all data characteristics and improves the effectiveness of IT as a corporate function by minimizing the potential for errors, and improving communication and understanding between IT and other disciplines. By describing how to establish metadata management within an organization, Managing Metadata: Information Control for Business Success provides examples of data structure architectures, and reviews issues associated with metadata management in relation to the Internet and data warehousing. It helps you control the factors that make data useable throughout an organization and manage data so that it becomes a valuable corporate asset. The book examines real-world business departments that can benefit from this approach and ways in which sets of metadata can be both autonomous and overlapping. It is a valuable resource for database professionals, IT managers and strategists, web designers, and CASE specialists.
Table Of Contents
The Concept of Metadata. Common Factors Affecting Data Quality. Data Flexibility and Responsive to Business Change. Active Information Management. Metadata Entity Types.Introduction to the Enterprise Metamodel. The Challenges of Information Management. Recognizing the Fallacy of Software Engineering. Distinguishing Between Data and Information. Occam 's Dilemma - Recognizing Necessary Complexity. Establishing a Common Basic Metamodel. Metadata in Business. Managing the Metadata. The Role of Metadata in Application Development and Support. Metadata in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. The Role of Metadata on the Internet. The Basics of Metamodelling. Design and Management of Meta-Databases. Interaction Between Metamodels. Glossary. Appendices.


  • Guy Tozer Guy Tozer is an independent management consultant, lecturer, and member of the British Computer Society and the Engineering Council. He has served as IT Strategy Manager and Senior Systems Analyst for Exxon Chemical Ltd. and holds a BSc with Honors in Mathematics/Computing from the University of Southampton.