By (author): Emiliano Pollino

Copyright: 1989
Pages: 554
ISBN: 9780890063507

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A companion to v.1 (which covers reliability, test, and diagnostics), this volume explains the main failure mechanisms which may affect silicon devices and shows their effect on reliability characteristics. Due to the importance of VLSI devices, emphasis is given to metalizations and latch-up.
Table Of Contents
The Technological Revolution and Reliability. Basics of Semiconductor Device Technology. Corrosion of Metalization. Electromigration in Thin Film Conductors. Metal-Silicon Interactions. Latch-Up in CMOS Integrated Circuits. Reliability of Compound Semiconductor Microwave Field Effect Devices. Reliability of Optoelectronic Components. Power Device Reliability. Accelerated Tests. Microanalysis Techniques. Failure Analysis and Technological Characterization. Reliability Problems and Standards.


  • Emiliano Pollino